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Connecting Families to Credit Unions and Delivering Education Finance Solutions

CURevl is a network of credit unions working together to help students and their families borrow responsibly for college while making the process positively painless. At CURevl, we help you connect the dots between choosing a college and paying for it. And because there are a lot of dots to connect, we’ve done the legwork – and homework – for you. We give you access to online tools, information and resources you need before, during and after taking out an education loan, like:

• Understanding education loans
• How to be wise with money during the college years
• Reminders of what steps to take and when to take them
• Different types of education funding options

We also connect you with CURevl credit union partners who offer smart education finance loans and refinancing options.

Did You Know?

Unlike banks, credit unions are not-for-profit and owned by the people who use their services. That means any profits they make are returned back to their members in the form of reduced fees, higher savings rates – and lower loan rates.


Why CURevl?

Setting Your Future Up for Success

For students and their families who want to go to college without drowning in debt, the CURevl network of credit unions provide the unique benefits of working with credit unions and helpful resources to help you plan and pay for college responsibly.

Scholarships, Teacher Grants, Borrower Benefits and More

A percentage of our profits go to charitable causes. It is who we are. Every person behind CURevl is proud to support the people, causes and institutions that help lift everybody up in making higher education more easily accessible for all.

Valuable Information For Both Credit Union Members And Non-Members

Credit union members can read about education finance loans and refinancing on this site, but even if you are not currently a credit union member, you can join! Learn more about borrowing, refinancing and consolidation with our free resources.

Our Mission Is You

Our mission is connecting families to credit unions.
We want you to do it right. Right now. Let’s get started.


CURevl Value Statements

We take pride in the fact that our credit unions are partners rather than clients
We are a unique team of individual minds and bodies that row in the same direction
We are always genuine and unique in our approach to conducting business
We talk straight and maintain open and honest relationships with everybody
We solve problems with solutions rather than excuses
We believe that supporting education means more than just financing the cost

Our 1 Percent Solution

Since the 1980’s, college households have outpaced non-college households by a factor of 2.5 in terms of wealth growth, based on a 2020 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. With CURevl’s 1 percent solution, you can easily offer education financing to your Millennial and Gen-Z members while diversifying your portfolio. CURevl can help you market to and build your membership with these young students that thrive on authentic and transparent relationships.


We Make Education Finance Easy

CURevl can help build an education finance portfolio that’s good for you, and good for your members.