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Why CURevl?

300+ years combined & averaging 28 a person says it all.

Our experienced team has launched some of the biggest names in education finance. Creating successful student loan programs is what we do best. Our job only begins once your products launch – we work hand in hand to ensure your long-term success.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Our origination system, Volta, was built 15 years ago by education finance professionals specifically for the purpose of providing lenders like you a trouble-free solution offering your members a seamless student loan experience. Working with over 4000 colleges and universities, Volta supports all school processes. Volta has launched over 400 lenders and disbursed over $3 billion.

We are your one-stop shop.

Launching an education solution is a journey. Calling on schools, marketing to your members, managing vendors, keeping up with compliance, responding to pandemics or even creating liquidity by selling your portfolio – we’re here for you to help you every step of the way.

CURevl Value Statements

We take pride in the fact that our credit unions are partners rather than clients
We are a unique team of individual minds and bodies that row in the same direction
We are always genuine and unique in our approach to conducting business
We talk straight and maintain open and honest relationships with everybody
We solve problems with solutions rather than excuses
We believe that supporting education means more than just financing the cost

Our Proud Partners

We Make Education Finance Easy

CURevl can help build an education finance portfolio that’s good for you, and good for your members.