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Launching a top-of-the-class education loan finance solution has never been easier.


Products We Help Build

School Tuition Loans

School Tuition Loans

Offer members peace of mind once the acceptance letter arrives. Undergraduate and graduate loans with fixed or variable interest rates and multiple repayment options give families the flexibility to find the right product for their situation.

Medical & Professional Loans

Medical & Professional Loans

Create a specialty program that serves your community. If your membership includes medical, law, dentistry, nursing or other students, we can help your credit union create an education loan finance program specific to your members’ needs.

Line of Credit

Line of Credit

Students have flexibility and easy access to funds while they’re in school. They can use any or all of the credit line funds certified by their schools, over the course of their education. A longer repayment term can also mean a lower payment after graduating.

Education Refinance Loan

Education Refinance Loan

Members can combine undergraduate and graduate school loans – both federal and private – into a single, low-rate loan with one convenient monthly payment. Members can pay less interest and get more choice by refinancing their student loans.

Model Options:

Make & Hold

Keep loan assets as an investment. This option provides maximum yield, but also carries risk.

Referral Partner

Refer your members directly to one of our partners, College Ave or Ascent, and you'll earn fee income while saying YES to your members.  This option provides lower returns, but carries minimal risk.

Excel at Sales

Shout the word out, big time. We'll customize a sales and marketing plan to reach all your education loan finance audiences, including schools, associations, businesses, employers and churches.

Top-of-the-Class Education Loan Finance

CURevl can help build an education finance portfolio that’s good for you, and good for your members.