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As Your Student Loan CUSO | CURevl Education Finance

As Your Student Loan CUSO | CURevl Education Finance

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What is a Student Loan CUSO?
A student loan CUSO is short for a ‘Credit Union Service Organization’ that offers student loans. A CUSO is a business entity in the US that is owned by a federally or state-chartered credit union. CURevl Education Finance is a student loan CUSO, as we are a credit union that provides student loans and other services that are approved or within state regulations. For those looking to take out a student loan from a student loan CUSO, you will enjoy better benefits and better security than non-student loan CUSO. To know more, you can read about us here.

The Services of CURevl
Credit Union Service Organizations are permitted to offer a multitude of services, all of which are listed in the NCUA Regulations. But there are some states that allow CUSO’s to offer services not listed in the NCUA. For us at CURevl, we have products and services that are similar to all student loan CUSO, and others more. These and the benefits can be enjoyed by our members. And while CURevl is a student loan CUSO, we also provide members with Medical and Professional Loans, Education Refinance Loans, and we can offer opening a Line of Credit for members. Like any other student loan CUSO, we want you to have options with your education finance.

Student Loans and You
As your trusted student loan CUSO, you will be presented with multiple options as you prepare to take out your student tuition loan. You can get one as an undergraduate or graduate, be able to choose favorable interest rates and repayment options. You can enjoy the flexibility that few companies will give you; use and pay your loans on your terms and not those of a regular loaning business. For more about our products and services, you may check here. And if you already have an idea, you may contact us through the website so we can discuss how you would like us to help you.