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Student Loan Lenders l CURevl

Student Loan Lenders l CURevl

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Student Loan Lenders
Here at CURevl, we are passionate about student loan lenders. Student loan lenders know that private education loans aren’t just plain and simple, so become one today and join the team! We can work together with your company to find an education fiance strategy that best suits you and your team. This will ultimately provide exceptional yields, help existing members, and attract new members! Student loan lenders are important to us and to students and to you. Visit our website for more information about private education loan and education finance for student loan lenders.

Maximize Performance, Minimize Risk
Student loan lenders maximize performance and minimize risk when they join our team! Proven underwriting and use of cosigners provide a consistently low risk and high yield asset. Student loan lenders are also able to deepen existing member relations by helping them through this life stage by being the foundation for building lasting relations. Keep the business with your credit union and increase wallet share with your members. This allows you to help new members borrow responsibly from student loan lenders and adds a variety of options to help others be wise with their money. Contact us today (512) 400 - 4172.

Private Education Loans Skyrocket
You may be wondering why financial education is so important to credit unions. Well, did you know that in recent years private education loans have skyrocketed? The percentage has been rising so much that it has gone up 350% and still is rising. This allows you to say yes to current members and also allows you to be able to welcome new members to your team. Allow your company to become the go-to for the next generation by showing them how to diversify with confidence and round your portfolio. Visit our website to find out more about student loan lenders and why your credit union should look into education loan finance.