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CURevl Education Finance
CURevl is the sum of different credit unions that work together to help students and their parents to loan money responsibly for their education. We see it as our role to make the loaning process as easy as it can be. For us to do that, we use a wonderful student loan technology that offers you, our clients, options. And while other loaning companies have their own student loan technology, we deem our student loan technology to be unique. Not only can you take out a student loan as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, but you can also open a line of credit or get a new loan with refinancing. You can also get medical or professional loans in our student loan technology, which you can use to create programs for your community. Whatever help you need with your education finance, CURevl and its multitude of credit unions can help you.

Student Loan Technology
Finding a lender can be quite easy if you know where to look. But finding the ‘right’ lender is a different matter. If you are struggling to locate the right lender, CURevl’s student loan technology can help recommend the perfect group or person to lend you money. If you go on to our website, you will see a ‘Find a Lender’ button on the top left corner. When you click it, you will go through a three-step process to locate a lender near you. First, select the type of loan you need. Next, choose the university you are enrolled in, and then key in the zip code. Our student loan technology will search through the database and present to your the best lenders in the area for you. Click the name of the lender and it will take you to their site. Thanks to this amazing facet of our student loan technology, finding a lender near you will always be easy.

Helping The Community
CURevl is not like other companies or groups that offer loans because we don’t care about the money. True, we are a business and thus money is important to us, but earning a profit is not a priority. Rather, helping you and the community is. Just by looking at our student loan technology, you will see how much our partners and customers will benefit. Not only that, but our loan products are designed to fit your needs and cover your problems perfectly. Contact us today to get the loan you want to have.