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CURevl can tailor our communications for specific audiences when the vehicle for messaging is appropriate. Examples of where language must persuade (as opposed to inform or educate) may include social media, advertising, and anywhere that shorter copy may exist to be evocative. That includes the feelings and personality that come from being human.


CURevl’s style is inspired by the eternal optimist—seeing responsible opportunities and possibilities in every situation. We are positive, considerate, and friendly in tone. We communicate precisely, analytically, and look towards the future optimistically.

Our Personality

Like a good tailor, we ensure the fit is specific to the client.

We avoid the “one size fits all” mentality for our clients. We firmly believe that each one of our credit unions and the members they serve are incredibly unique and we can provide each and every one of them with a bespoke education finance program designed to fit their particular cultures of need.

Like a good friend, we share burdens.

If convincing the credit committee to hold education finance products is a challenge for one of our clients, then we can provide them with data, a forward purchase option or a referral loan option.

Like a good coach, we help clients win.

We proactively provide our clients with experience, trustworthy advice, marketing tools, school sales support and industry-standard insights on how to best grow and manage their business — promptly and flexibly.