CURevl Announces New Product Launch with Texas Health Credit Union

Providing Credit Union Members with Low Cost Education Finance Options

Richardson, Texas— July 26, 2019 — CU REVL LLC (CURevl), a Texas-based Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), announced today that Texas Health Credit Union (THCU) of Austin, TX has joined the CUSO as a referral affiliate. Through the partnership, THCU members will now have access to competitive in school student loans and student loan refinance products to meet their educational finance needs. The loans are disbursed and serviced by College Ave Student Loans under an agreement with CURevl to provide their CUSO member partners multiple turnkey solutions with private student loans for higher education.

“Our team is excited that Texas Health Credit Union selected CURevl as their partner for higher education lending as Austin, Texas is ranked #9 in most educated cities in the United States” stated Greg Hagan, SVP Sales of CURevl. “The CURevl program offers yet another alternative for our credit union partners to meet the needs of their members which enhances our ability to deliver on our mission of Connecting Families to Credit Unions and delivering Student Loan Solutions that benefit the communities in Austin and surrounding counties in Central Texas.”

“We have many members that need refinancing options with current student loan debt, providing streamline options achieves our core mission of being dedicated to providing our members a variety of affordable financial products and services in a personal and professional manner” said Tammy Botkin, President & CEO of Texas Health Credit Union. “CURevl provides us with a simplified solution in serving our members while adding value to our goals in being a member. These members graduate, receive jobs and start families in our community and will continue to trust Texas Health Credit Union for their financial needs –Higher education should be challenging, funding it should be simple and straight-forward.”

About CURevl

CU REVL LLC (CURevl) is a credit union service organization organized under the laws of Delaware, and based in Richardson, Texas. Our team of seasoned education finance professionals are dedicated to connecting students and families to credit unions for one purpose: providing student loan solutions that save time and money.

About 1st University Credit Union

Texas Health Credit Union (THCU) has been in operation since 1956. It was originally opened and staffed by volunteers looking for an alternative to higher priced, for-profit institutions. Since that time, THCU has continued to grow and now offers a wide variety of affordable products and services for both individuals and small businesses. We believe that the difference between our products and the products of other financial institutions is the service that goes with them. THCU is committed to meeting the changing needs of our members and are dedicated to the philosophy of "people helping people". For more information visit their website at

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