CURevl Announces Their New Partnership With FRB Federal Credit Union

Low-Cost Education Finance Options for Texans by Texans

Galveston, Texas, June 9th, 2021 — CU REVL LLC (CURevl), a Texas-based credit union serviceorganization (CUSO), has partnered with non-profit sister companies Higher Education ServicingCorporation (HESC) and North Texas Higher Education Authority (NTHEA) to create an education financeprogram specifically for Texans. Our Texas credit union members now have access to a competitive inschool education loan program created for Texans by Texans.

“We are pleased to align with our long-time friends and colleagues at HESC and NTHEA to offer a privateeducation loan program that is specifically designed to help students and families throughout Texas. Ourcredit unions and their members will most assuredly benefit from this highly unique and affordable product,”said Lance Teinert, CEO at CURevl.

“At NTHEA and HESC, we are excited to partner with CURevl. This combined effort will help us betterconnect with and serve more Texas credit unions and their members and further supports our mission ofproviding low-cost access to higher education for Texas students and families who may need help payingfor college when scholarships and financial aid just aren’t enough,” said Phillip Wambsganss, ExecutiveDirector, NTHEA and HESC.

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CU REVL LLC (CURevl) is a Texas based credit union service organization. Our team of education financegurus are constantly dreaming up ways to help credit unions create solutions to bring new youngermembers. Owning our own technology gives us the flexibility to offer everything from fully outsourced toremote licensing.

  • Program templates make the process painless
  • Most programs are implemented in under 45 days
  • Most clients report it takes less 10 hours a month to administer the program

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