CURevl Completes Equity Raise

Credit Union Service Organization Poised For Growth

Galveston, Texas August 12, 2021 — CU REVL LLC (CURevl), a credit union service organization focused on education finance, announced today that it has completed its equity raise that includes $10 million in working capital and $750,000 in special financing specifically designated for bolstering its technology offering. Founded in 2017, CURevl works exclusively with credit unions to deliver life of loan servicing, capital markets support and technology solutions that drive cost-saving solutions to credit union members and other consumers.

“It goes without saying that we are extremely pleased to have the support of our investors and board members who have stood beside us since we started this endeavor,” said Lance Teinert, CEO of CURevl. “Our next step is to leverage this investment to expand our credit union partnerships, attract additional lending capital and deliver the best loan origination and college planning solutions to our clients and their members.”

Education finance is such a natural way for credit unions to attract new members. Bringing awareness of credit unions to colleges and universities is what we love to do. Credit unions and the socially conscious Gen Z are a natural match. Students are surprised to learn about credit unions’ people-centric business model and sense of community. Being not for profit and passing those profits to their members in the way of lower rates makes credit unions a great partner to start their financial journey.

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CU REVL LLC (CURevl) is a Texas based credit union service organization. Our team of education finance gurus are constantly dreaming up ways to help credit unions create solutions to bring new younger members. Owning our own technology gives us the flexibility to offer everything from fully outsourced to remote licensing.
- Program templates make the process painless
- Most programs are implemented in under 45 days
- Most clients report it takes less than 10 hours a month to administer the program

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