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Student Loans with a Higher Purpose

More than 50,000 Christians across the nation have the tools to save more, spend less and give abundantly thanks to Thrivent Federal Credit Union (TFCU). With competitive rates, personalized service and financial guidance based on biblical principles, you can feel the power of contentment when you finance your education through TFCU. What’s more, we partner with Thrivent Student Resources to help students and families understand how to prepare, plan and pay for college. Build good financial habits and support your education with the option that's right for you.

Let wisdom inspire your future.
Inspired by Proverbs 24:14

Membership Eligibility

It's easy to become part of our community. Join us!

We're a member-owned financial cooperative driven by Christian beliefs and values, combining faith and financial expertise to help our members live confidently and generously. You must be an associate or benefit member of Thrivent Financial to be eligible for credit union membership.

To be eligible for a student loan, you must be:

• A member or become a member of Thrivent Federal Credit Union.
• A U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
• Old enough to borrow legally in your state.
• Currently enrolled at least half-time in a graduate or undergraduate degree program at an eligible school.

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Important Information

Federal student loans permit borrowers in financial trouble to use certain options, such as income-based repayment, which may help some borrowers. Depending on the type of loan that you have, the government may discharge your loan if you die or become permanently disabled. Depending on what type of Federal student loan that you have, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness in exchange for performing certain types of public service. If you are an active duty service member and you obtained your Federal student loan before you were called to active duty, you are entitled to interest rate and repayment benefits for your loan. If you are a borrower with a secure job, emergency savings, strong credit and are unlikely to need any of the options available to distressed borrowers of Federal student loans, a refinance of your Federal student loans into a private student loan may be attractive to you. You should consider the costs and benefits of refinancing carefully before you refinance.

Membership eligibility required. The TFCU Membership or Emergency Share Savings account is a requirement for membership in Thrivent Federal Credit Union. To maintain membership, a par value of one (1) share is $1.00 which must be kept in the account at all times. If you fall below the par value you have six (6) months to increase the balance or your membership may be canceled.

All loans and lines of credit are subject to credit approval and may not be available in certain schools or certain jurisdictions.

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